Not counting Shady Stock Featured Dungeon

I went to my featured dungeon (Forgotten Tower) 3 times, shady stock only counted it once.

For the Shady Stock tasks, featured dungeon means one of the two dungeons which are giving bonus set items for that week, i.e. not whatever task in the codex which gives double rewards that day.

I have the same issues since start of this event.

No, you don’t.
For the Shady Stock tasks…

This won’t count…

Either of these will…

The item in your Codex which gives double rewards each day is random and is personal to your account, i.e. I could have double rewards for Bestiary hand-ins, and you could have it for Elder Rifts, and so on. However, the two dungeons which give bonus rewards are the same for the entire week, for everyone on the same server cluster.

Do one of the two dungeons that gives bonus set item drops.
They count.

This is not bugged, it’s just worded really, really badly.

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Blizzard needs to get in touch with Professor Grammar or someone of the sort. This game has been awful with all the failed descriptions of the various game mechanics.

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