Not able to call of duty modern warfare 3

hi i purchased modern warfare 3 a few days ago and when i got it there was a message to download on call of duty page. i went there and it just brings me to the stor to buy it. when i hover over the buy option it says the game is in my library. I cannot find the game anywhere ive searched everyting on the app its noware. i have a razerblade 15 with windows 11 and its updated. just curious what im doing wrong or should i just buy from steam next time?


Does this help ?

You need to use the Battle.Net App… Call of Duty icon.


yes thanks for the help

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I have the same problem and I contacted support but they say you redeem your code already. If I try to buy again the option is only go to your library because this product is on your library. I checked my library and the COD III icon and nothing happens.

From Blizzard Support:
:arrow_right: Blizzard Support - How to Install Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

From Activision Support:

Step 1: Click on the GAMES button on the Battle.Net Desktop App

Step 2:

  • Click on Activision in the left margin
  • Click on the star on the Call of Duty icon to add Call of Duty to your Favourite Bar
  • Click on the Call of Duty icon

You should now have an install button; click it. If not, give me a screenshot of your Battle.Net Desktop App so I can see what the issue is.

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