Not able to buy OWL team merch for teams outside of US

I just wanted to mostly bring this up as a complaint, but any information on where I could buy OWL team merch without going through a Chinese or Korean website for the Chinese and Korean OWL teams would be appreciated!

I’ve looked and talked to support, and it seems as there’s no way to buy OWL merch for teams outside of the US without going through the team’s regional shop anymore. Even just a year ago, you could purchase OWL merch for teams like Shanghai and Seoul on the OWL shop, but now each team has their own site/shop. I’m bringing this up because as of right now there isn’t a way for me (someone who lives in the US) to buy merch for these teams. I don’t want to go through Chinese or Korean websites, and I’m almost positive that my bank would mark those charges as fraudulent if I even tried to order from there. I think it’s great that each team has regional sites, but now there’s not a way for someone in the US to purchase merch and support these teams. I tried looking at Fanatics, but the items on there are outdated/not new items that you see in the new team shops.

Again mostly just trying to get this complaint out there in the hopes the Blizzard/OWL will see it and find some way to remedy this. If anyone knows of something I’m missing please let me know!