No winter fun for base game?!

I, like so many other players in D4, only play the base game, and have no need to constantly make new characters for the seasons, I find that boring and tedious to be honest. I love just playing my one character in the base game, and so does my brother btw. But the base game is beginning to lack content, which is why we were looking forward to the christmas event. BUT to our big disappoint and for reasons we simply can’t comprehend, the christmas event is not in the base game!! Why are we base gamers to be cheated of a holiday event such as this?? It simply can’t be that you only seem to favor seasonal players all the time! We are so, so, so utterly disappointed Blizzard. Please fix this now…base gamers need new content too you know.

What about Diablo


says Diablo


to you???

You seem to have lost your way among the many forums Blizzard has. This particular one is for Diablo 1. A very antique game with no Holiday events.

You are looking for the Diablo 4 forums where you can join any of the already active threads about having the Holiday event in the Eternal Realm as well as Seasonal.