No Thanks, Activision Blizzard

I’m so sorry to all of your employees, mostly minorities and women who had to endure all of the abuse from this company, reading all the documents that were released made me feel ill to my core. I’m more than disappointed, I don’t even know if this problem can be fixed because of how deep it is within the company.
This all on top of how you handle your transgender customers too, very very awful and cruel.
I no longer will support anything from this company, I feel so sick after everything and I hope all the employees effected by this, the ones who has to deal with Blizzard’s reign of terror, I really hope the help they need.


For those who don’t know what’s up:


Another link that will prove useful in analyzing the lawsuit in detail:

Good reason to take my cash elsewhere! From Vanilla to now faithfull, peace Blizzard, and Actif…heads~


These are things for the courts to settle. There are thousands of people who have jobs with Blizzard who need them to feed their families. I read some of the papers about the problems. We have the attitude anymore that is someone says it is true, then the subject is guilty until proven innocent. In America we are innocent until proven guilty. The courts will handle this and they will exact justice. Those things are wrong. I just feel that is why we have laws, and courts. And a constitution. It is not our call!