No TCP/IP for Diablo 2 Ressurected? BAD MOVE!

Yeah, first the lawsuits, firings of both the Blizzard President and the Director of Diablo 4, and now you guys decided that the one feature that would give players who are single players, but who wanted a local multiplayer experience, should be completely ignored and given total disregard for their feelings and their experience. Here’s what’s actually going to happen guys; you’re going to reverse course and bring TCP/IP back to Diablo 2 Resurrected. Or, you’re going to add another PR disaster on top of the many PR hits you already have that will hit your bottom line and see more people being let go, or sued. Restore the Amazon and the Sorceress’s original appearances, with the Assassin looking more like an middle eastern assassin and not the non-canon look you’ve given her. Censorship should never be tolerated, nor should you remove functions to the game that have been a staple of the game since it’s founding with the excuse of so-called safety concerns, because it’s an outright lie and you know it. None of us are buying it, and if these demands are not met, be prepared to see more firings and removals and more closer look into everyone at Blizzard and everyone getting a more deeper exposure of those who continue to push the removal of player’s needs in favor of the corporation’s needs. This is a mandate, not a request. Not a threat, because with all you guys are having to deal with right now alone, threats are beneath us. Be The Change.