No social tab? Also laggy

I find that it takes a long time to load, much longer than the standard version, anything i open just takes a long time, including the “chats and groups” button which replaces the social tab in the standard version. The window doesn’t seem to scale, so I can’t adjust the size of my chat window, as well as having to open another window altogether which doesn’t feel good at all.

The social activity feed also feels bad with your friends being listed as “playing x game” but then also your friends lists starts, so it’s just a duplicate of the previous list, it just looks bad, but at least it can be minimised I guess.

It does look nice, and the way the news is set up, actually makes me want to look at it unlike in the standard version, but it is very laggy and slow at doing anything. My main issue is with having to open a new window to see my chats though, a new small laggy window.