No Screen Size Options in Definitive Edition?

I’m not sure if this is a bug but certain features are missing from the definitive edition of Lost Vikings. There is no way to change the screen size. I want to play so that the game fills the top and bottom of my screen but there is a big border around it. There are also no filter or border options and you can’t use the rewind feature. Is this not working for anyone else?


how did you install the games?

In the launcher, go to “Blizzard” and you’ll find it there if you bought it.

Yeah, it’s pretty weird that the “definitive” edition, clearly the one where they put the most effort, is missing features from the NES and GEN versions. Lack of rewind is really annoying since that’s basically a “killer” feature in Lost Vikings, a game about making tiny litle mistakes that cost you the whole level. (Though you can still save-scum in the definitive edition.)

There’s no border settings, screen size, filters, rewind, or the “watch” feature that lets you skip to any point in the game. I hope at least they add screen size and rewind.

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I agree. I’ve actually been skipping the Definitive Editions because the SNES ports are better in my opinion. I hope they do a few updates to the DE versions of the games to give us more options.