No Reward after Shadow war

After Shadow war, no reward recieved. Last war also, some us did’nt recieve anything


Idem , and others like me

Same here, nothing thursday and nothing today (saturday).

Neither do I.
I participated in the shadow war in main battle. However, I did not receive saturday the weekly rewards for the shadow war, while the other members of my clan did.

check your email can be full

Ok i have the same problem and it seems to be caused by a full mailbox.

So what I did was to delete off some of the old mails, then click on the “Claim All” button to get the rewards that was supposed to sent in. Depending on the amount of pending mail, you may need remove more old mails.

I participated in main war last night and didn’t receive mine either. I was on the immortal the entire time!

Empty your mailbox! We’re not talking rocket surgery or brain science here. If your mailbox is full, no new mail can be received until an empty slot is available…

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