No response in more than 10 days from tickets

I have send multiple tickets from my main email account and this account, about the error message i get when i try to set up my previous authenticator with my serial number/restauration code, i get the message : “Error… An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.” I have looked up online and did all the troubleshoot asked, clear cache of the application, look for enough space on device, etc. And finally people online say that you need to remove and put it back for it to work .I just want to point out that this is probably the 15th ticket response that I have received in that case asking for info’s, IDs, Canadian ID form, etc. Which I have give every time And now, blizzard is just not answering anymore to my tickets on both account. for more than 10 days. I feel like I am left on my own with no help at all and find this experience extremely unpleasant and shouldn’t happen to a 20years customer, what is happening now if i get no response? i can’t call blizzard directly because there is no more call support anymore, and the live chat is disabled. I have more than 1000$ on that account over the years. I hope to get a response really soon. Thank you

I’ve got the very same situation here. It is outrageous and it seems I am completely ignored.

Ticket times are a bit long right now, but not 10 days. Please be sure your ticket is phrased in a short and clear way. If you are asked by Blizzard for more information, be sure to send that via TICKET, not email. That really is a do-not-reply address. If you can’t reopen your first ticket, open a new one and reference the previous ticket number so the GM has the history to refer to.