No qualms with the new layout except for the friends list

Having the friends list exist as a separate window is something that i liked in previous versions of the Blizzard Launcher vs the current version with the new layout. Not so much for the separation, but rather, because it allowed the ability to move the friends list out of the way, when it got in the way.

This is not meant to be a complaint, as it isnt really a big deal (Its just the Game Launcher after all…). But rather to make the case for consideration to give us the ability to collapse, pop-out, resize or reposition the friends list in the future. As it would allow the user to better customize the Launcher in a manner that is more meaningful to them and cater to their individual gaming preferences and PC setups.

I’m fairly sure the change was made to force more users into having to keep the entire app open at all times, meaning they see more ads, but it’s having the opposite effect. Before, I would launch the app every day when I turned on my PC, scroll through the news, pop out my friends list and then close the main page. Overall, I saw plenty of ads previously and didn’t care.

Now I have no way of having my friends list on my second monitor so I literally don’t even launch the Blizzard app anymore. Obviously it launches when you play games, there is no way to avoid that, but I instantly ignore it and haven’t been playing games anyway. Before, even when I was playing games, I would still launch the app to keep my friends list up 100% of the time. So this change, that was made for force you to see more ads, has backfired and made me see none of their ads.

I’m not going to launch the app again until they fix this. I have no games to look forward to until D4 either, and if I still can’t pop out my friends list, I will just be making a shortcut to launch it and remove myself from having to look at the launcher or ads altogether.

yeah, i’m not sure why i can’t collapse it. it uses too much space and i’m not always interested in playing with friends. and discord allows me to hide the member list, might as copy their homework too.