No normal gem drops

I am not getting any normal gem from loot drops inside dungeons.

I didn’t realize that enemies even could drop gems until today when I noticed my wife was getting them from Destruction’s End and I wasn’t.

I’m paragon 177 and I don’t think I have ever gotten a single normal gem from a dungeon.

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HAHAHA, you did solo grindings, right? ;D
Make the party with 4 people. You and your wife and 2 friends. You will get those normal gems (and some legendaries) with high possibility. Also don’t forget to research Hidden Lairs in each map. Everyday, those lairs guarantee 6 normal gems.
See you in the Burning Hell!

I’ve done both solo and parties. I do get gems from chests inside hidden lairs. But last night we were in a 4 person party and ran through DE 4 times. That’s how I realized something was wrong. I could see that my other party members were picking up gems down in the world feed. Like I said I never even knew that you were supposed to get any that way, because I never have.

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4-person parties is another way to get normal gems. Those gems specifically are unbound as well.

However, the drops are random just like legendary and set gear. And there is a cap to how many a character can get. I’m not sure of the cap, but it seems to be somewhere between 6 and 10.

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