"No new games can be created right now...."

Why am I getting this message. It has’t gone away for the last several hours. Are the servers down for joining games? Did my account get flagged because I was doing Hell Meph runs too fast too many times?

If you are able to access characters and attempt to make games then you are not banned. Try joining a premade game and see if that helps? Try different characters and then try different accounts (if you have them)…

yeah… to many runs, to fast…

take a look on the queue line…
that number, is the number of seconds you still got wait… 3600 = 1 hour
60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour… 60x60=3600

I didn’t create games, I was just entering cbaal rooms, and I’m having the same message.

I created a new account, to see if I could create a game, but the error remains. There are also no rooms for me to enter

yea it’s been super weird lately i would get on after work and create a game and it would fail then i would create another and it would be fine. i wokeup today tryng to get on and now i had 1000 que wait time ?? so strange playing diablo 2 lately.

Take the queue and divide by 7.4, this will give you a close estimate of how many seconds you get to wait.

Update: Divide by 6.87

I haven’t been able to create games for days and my tickets get auto closed, it’s a wonder really