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I have had nothing but issues the for the last 10 days or so. Originally i was banned on 14 Dec for Cheating. My fellow players apparently reported me for “actions like botting or exploiting game mechanics.” This carried a permanent ban. No evidence was given to this supposed cheating. Then i was told that my ban was overturned in favor of a 6 month suspension. On the 15th after “investigating” the issue i was told that could again login to the game, only to see that 3 million gold was missing and was also disqualified from any form of Rated PVP. Gold was finally restored on 18 Dec, but still not able to que for PVP. Finally received information this morning 24 Dec that my account should be ready for play, but when i go to login i now have a 30 day suspension. Still no feedback as to why any of this took place or how to avoid it in the future. I don’t know if Blizzard will even read this. Frustrated isn’t even close to how im feeling right now. No calls, no chat, nothing. Customer service seems to have gone out the window. Thank you for the great Christmas present.


i am struggling with the same issues except they wont overturn my account being abused because of false reports on “racism” and “condescending” comms…
i even went as far as to get a new account and that ones been flagged and silenced for nonsense within weeks and i can personally attest that i was falsely flagged for leaving a game bcus of the glitch on junkertown(in a six stack in pregame lobby - forced to accept leaver queue i didnt want to accept bcus i never left a game, and yet at the same time being locked onto a leaver status page while in game the afk countdown began so its either accept a false leaver penalty or be kicked for afking… i accepted and was subsequently kicked from the match dropping points and being placed into toxic queues. now for no other reason than blizzards map IS glitched im being told to kill myself every match bcus somehow blizzard decided to place me into a game on a map that kicks players.

my current silence is from a game that had a stack of players who left group in order to deceive players in pickphase about whos with who, and silenced for saying ‘please heal me oomg please just like once ever" on attack (i watched the replay and ana was actively avoiding me all match) and its open queue so i played mercy(instead of tank) on defense(i do fully consider myself a mercy main ON DEFENSE) we full hold point A valskya and i type "thats how u play mercy on defense’’ – so now the group of players is wicked mad at me for putting out 4k heals and yet the ana is still in comms screaming how she has gold6k and is so much better than me… (3 pointsAna vs 1 pointMercy as healer) so yeah i got silenced for hard carrying a bad support player who refused to heal tanks on point, and had a group of players report me for playing my best and asking for help in game… i just hope that whole group is banned bcus only joining comms to talk down on the players doing the most in a match is unnaceptable.

to the best of my understanding blizzard released priority queue in order to receive more reports and ban more players so their end of the year sale goes well.

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It sounds like you got a lot of help. Your ban was overturned, investigated, and even the penalties for gold and PvP undone. These things can take time and are not always straight forward. You have two expectations that are misunderstandings though.

  1. They will never tell you exactly what they detected or how, when it comes to “cheating” type violations. They do that because the actual cheaters would LOVE to know as many details as possible to avoid getting caught.

  2. Blizzard has never allowed live interactions for appeals. They don’t do call back or live chat for that. They only take tickets. There are many reasons for that, but mostly it ensures everything is done in writing and recorded. I suppose it also prevents people from trying to rules lawyer a case or abuse support. Either the logs back a claim of innocence (in your case they did), or they don’t.

In this case you need to re-submit the ticket and get them to lift that suspension if it is an error that is leftover from the problems with the account.

You don’t have the same issue at all. Your account was not falsely flagged for abuse of the economy or cheating.

You had two accounts silenced for breaking the chat policies. A Silence places social limits on the account but does not totally prevent you from playing. The penalty doubles in duration every time it gets applied.

Blizzard has records of what you say so when you appeal they review those. If you actually broke the rules, your silence will stay on the account.

You seem familiar with this though, as you have more than one account penalized.

If you want to appeal, you can put in a ticket. Otherwise, you wait out the Silence.

Certainly! You got them! They Silence people all year long just to sell more copies to angry players at the end of the year!

mischeetah i think you need this memo.

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“Certainly! You got them! They Silence people all year long just to sell more copies to angry players at the end of the year!”\

so again i will say that 4stack groups who mass report you for suggesting a main tank gets healed is in fact a false report. i have repealed w no avail or explanations as to why i was silenced on xmas eve?? bcus i left chat?? bcus the entire team was berating me about my selection after i asked for heals? get a clue and tell me whats toxic and silence-able about asking for heals and then leaving comms bcus of literal death threats being made towards myself…

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Yes, I covered the rules, what info they have, and how to appeal - via ticket.

I did not insult you. If you feel I was being abusive and insulting feel free to use the flag and report the post to the Moderators for review. Also keep in mind that abuse of the report system on the forums can result in account actions to people who falsely report.

Yes, I criticized your idea that Blizzard silences people just to get game sales at the end of the year. Yes, I also used sarcasm with the “You got them!” part.

MVPs don’t work for Blizzard. I can’t see your chat logs. If someone else uses language like a death threat, report them. That sort of language is unacceptable. However, YOU breaking the rules in response would also be unacceptable. “Two wrongs don’t make a right” is a very old saying.

The folks who review CAN see the logs. I can’t. The only option you have is to appeal - but realize that the number of reports only puts it up in queue faster - it does NOT determine action. The mods have to actually agree that the reported chat violates the rules.

Do they ever make mistakes? Yes. That is why appeal exists.

You have two accounts actioned now. Either everyone hates you and reports you AND Blizzard just auto bans - or you keep breaking chat rules.

I would suggest you read the forum Code of Conduct. It covers the sorts of language that Blizzard tends to focus on - in detail. It applies to games too.

When in public chat, pretend you are at a public event with people of mixed ages, backgrounds, etc. If you would not say it in front of a grandma and the grandkids at a public event, don’t say it in public blizzard chat.

Save it for private chat between you and your friends who share your same chat tastes. That is what clubs, private groups, etc. have been used for since forever.

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o snap we both asking for punishment lol

Seems Blizzard isnt to well organized, i ordered cp points, i made 6 orders, nothing delivered, supposedly the i got refunded 4 but lost never received the last two either by refund or in game cp points. This happened 01/05/21 so i would advise everyone not to order crap til Blizzard/Activision gets things in order. It was hard to get in touch with support and when i finally did the guy just shrugged me off and my problem was not fixed so consumer beware