No help at all?

I need some help to unlock an account (my daughters). And blizzard support site only gets me running around in circles. When i try to create a ticket, should be sent an verification code via SMS, but nothing arrives?? When i try to reset the password on my daughters account, i’m supposed to get an email, but nothing arrives???

What the hell are you even doing at blizzard, this support is sub par. Cant even create a ticket, what about a quick chat or something…

That is odd. It sounds almost like the email and SMS for the account are not going to phones or emails you have access to. Either that, or the email is going to a spam box instead of your main inbox.

I assume the account is set up in your name as the parent/legal guardian. That should allow you to submit a ticket to Blizzard for help sorting out emails, phone numbers/SMS, etc.

You will have to provide Govt issued ID to prove you are the account holder.

This is for “forgot my email” or it also works if the email on the account was changed. It gets you in the system at any rate and lets you interact with support.

Did you find a solution to this? I am having this issue and I don’t know what to do.

green post, go away you dont work for blizzard, you are not helpful.