No game start from launcher

Hi, hi have a problem from 2 days ago. When i try to launch a game from (Wow retail, wow classic, starcraft2, diablo IV), the game won’t start : it stuck on “not responding”. i have tryed uninstall and reinstall all games and launcher, i have removed and reinstalled graphic driver, tryed to remove some windows update, but all of that not work. I don’t know what can i do to fix this.
any other games from other launcher (Steam, epic, xbox) works fine.
my conf is: ryzen 9 5900x, 64gb ddr4 3600, amd rx6800 xt, some nvmes.

SAME problem here, I’m from Germany (Europe-Servers). Any solution?

My system:

  • Intel Core i5 12600
  • Nvidia 3070 Ti Gigabyte
  • Mainboard: Asus ProArt B660-Creator D4
  • Windows 10 latest Update
    Everything is up-to-date