No drop legendaries


i have playing lot time diablo these days, not sure if im capped of drop legendaries/green.
yesterday i did something like 20 tomb fahir and no drop, only blues/yellow.

also i did lot altar (10 escences of monster) , i guess something like 10 altar and no drop legendaries.

same in rift, elites, orange, raid monsters etc…

its normal that? or im capped? or im bug? (i play in PC) i need to know please… thank you


Same here. 4 DAYS now not a single legendary drop. NOT A SINGLE ONE! This is just DEPLORABLE!


You might need to read up on Immortal news. Diablo Immortal Streamer Tests P2W, Paid $16,000 For First 5/5 Star Legendary Gem, Deletes Game - YouTube

  1. Make Challenge Rift 12 / 30 if you reach lvl 60 / Paragon 20? because those give buffs to drops in certain areas.
  2. Only the kill shot gets uniques or sets. So if you run together a dungeon 10 times and the other player(s) always make the kill-shot, you always get nothing.

Also every unique a day you get makes the chance onto another unique smaller. So after 3-6 uniques chances are near to impossible.

It’s like a bad joke -.-

Estou com o mesmo problema aqui. Jogo no servidor Brasileiro e, ontem, tive este problema. Fiz várias masmorras e não conseguia nenhum drop. Eu vejo isso como um grande desrespeito, principalmente por quem está usando dinheiro no jogo.

If that is true how am i in groups where 3 people will get a set item off the same boss on the same kill.

Another bad joke is wherever you get your information from, and you for spreading it.

40 visits to Namari, 30 to the Pit of Heresy, and a bunch of others, drop 0. What are we wasting time on? When will this be fixed?

RNG is RNG, and I’d bet a legendary there is some exaggeration going on in here.

From paragon 5 to paragon 16, I have not seen a single legendary or set dop. I’ve had the same gear equipped this entire time.100% only blues and yellows have dropped since paragon 5. I haven’t logged back on since then. I was pay to play…

Same with me, I did a challenge rift that gives a legendary as a reward and nothing dropped, Same with orange mobs, Haven’t had a legendary drop in days

Can you prove that with some info from developers? I’ve had 3 people get a set item from the same dungeon boss kill. Also I’m pretty sure receiving a set/legendary item doesn’t decrease your chance for a future drop, drop table rolls randomly.