No download option for Destiny 2


I’m trying to buy and install Destiny 2 on my PC but there is simply no install option for me to click on. All I get is the “Learn More” option regarding the new platform update. From what I understand Destiny 2 is moving to Steam tomorrow but I’d like to have the game downloaded and ready to go TODAY. Am I no longer able to install the game through the Blizzard app at this point because of the move or is there something I’m missing?
Call of Duty and all other Games have either a “Play Now” or “Buy Now” option to click on but not Destiny.


Destiny 2 is no longer available for purchase on Bnet, you’ll have to buy it /install it through Steam when it launches. Last I heard i think its Oct 1st


I believe Blizzard stopped selling D2 on September 4, 2019 as it is moving to Steam. The only way you can purchase it now to play it on Blizzard is from Ebay or Amazon from someone who bought the game, but never installed it.


Wait does this mean I have to Re-purchase the game through steam? and im going to guess if so I need to restart my campaign?


You can still move your purchase to Steam via this link: