No customer service

For 3 weeks now I have been writintg to blizzard support. They have pushed my ticket around to different representatives for each response and who dances around the subject at hand.
So an explanation of what happened, I went to log into burning crusade classic to play with a buddy. When I went to log in I was prompted to pay for what they call an upgrade of burning crusade. It would not let me log in otherwise. I was forced to pay to play classic when I had and still have an active subscription to retail. I was talking to a few people because the subject came up with a friend in retail who had the same thing happen to them. (but he refused to pay) . Guess I’m the sucker.
I had reached out to blizzard for help, they refused to refund my money for it. I then asked for compensation in another form, via free relm change and character transfer (which is cheaper than what I payed to play classic) 2 weeks later of responses I was denied that. It’s funny how it takes 2 - 3 days for blizzard to respond to a paying customer when that customer responds within 0-3 hrs.

I have now asked for a refund for Drangflight, which hasn’t even come out yet, so they have no excuse but to refund.

Classic is free with a Subcription to WoW. It gives you access to both Retail and Classic.

There was a promotion that gave you a boost, mount, etc if you wanted to buy it. It was an optional advertised thing. Not something that kept you from logging in or playing.

If you used the boost, mounts, etc. then they would not be able to refund it.

You should be able to get that still. However, a used boost will result in the character being locked until you buy it and a boost again.