No blue posts in the "blizz tracker"

if i go to (this forum) and click on the “blizz tracker,” there are no blue posts at all, yet under “latest” there are clearly a number of them. am i missing something?

As far as I can tell those are just links to discourse groups, and it seems none of the blue posts authors are member of those groups. If you know your way around discourse you can find out some group names and track them yourself, like this one:

This will show all posts created by anyone who belongs to the group “moderators”, of course there are many other groups.

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how would one find the group names?

Usually by visiting someone’s profile and see which groups they are member.

Hey author, why you else here?

ok, one last question, which may not actually be a question. i can’t seem to visit a blue’s profile? all of their profiles are private. i’m very confused as to how you even found the group “moderators.”

The one I followed was not private. Other groups you can just guess, also I’m a ruby developer and I used discourse previously so I know a trick or two.

I can’t help you more than that, if this is a bug sooner or later it will be fixed, otherwise Blizz don’t wanna track blue posts.