No Access to Authenticator or SMS Protect

I recently had to replace my phone and phone number. Now that my phone number has changed and i no longer have access to the authenticator how do i go about updating my account details to include my new phone number?

I think Support can help you by removing the Authenticator from your account? Then you can add a new one?

I found this in the Support Center:

I hope that helps!

no luck, its asking me to confirm my identity with the authenticator or SMS protect before doing anything

Huh, maybe there is a different ticket that you can submit to just reach out to customer support? I hope they can remove it for you if you reach them in person!


As Olpan helpfully mentioned, please reach out to our Support Team and they can assist you.

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I am in the same situation, I reach to support, open a ticket, i had to show my ID, so they send me an email with a link to upload, but the link they sent me ask me to login?? so me i cant because my authentication is bugging, so how am i suppose to give them the ID, and when i try to contact them again, it say i have reach my maximum ticket so i am in a loop here

I need help for my son in regards to this matter. Blizzard have made it impossible and make it so you cant ask for help unless you log in to account. Which obviously you can’t do without authenticator.
He has attached his birth certificate twice when requested with no response. Obviously concerned about identity theft, more so now with Blizzard not acknowledging his request.
I am hoping someone from Blizzard might actually read these discussions and offer useful information. Its almost like they don’t want you to play their games.

u don’t have to login (to ur blizzard account) to send a tweet to the blizzard customer support twitter, @BlizzardCS. be succinct and specific and they’ll help u out.