No Access to Authenticator or SMS Protect


I recently had to replace my phone and phone number. Now that my phone number has changed and i no longer have access to the authenticator how do i go about updating my account details to include my new phone number?


I think Support can help you by removing the Authenticator from your account? Then you can add a new one?

I found this in the Support Center:

I hope that helps!


no luck, its asking me to confirm my identity with the authenticator or SMS protect before doing anything


Huh, maybe there is a different ticket that you can submit to just reach out to customer support? I hope they can remove it for you if you reach them in person!



As Olpan helpfully mentioned, please reach out to our Support Team and they can assist you.


I am in the same situation, I reach to support, open a ticket, i had to show my ID, so they send me an email with a link to upload, but the link they sent me ask me to login?? so me i cant because my authentication is bugging, so how am i suppose to give them the ID, and when i try to contact them again, it say i have reach my maximum ticket so i am in a loop here