News Section Grayed Out

Every since the latest beta update to the app, both my wife and I’s PC’s show a Gray Box where the news section would be. This happens a few hours after launching the app, and the only way that seems to reliably fix it is to quit and restart. I’ve not seen this on my Mac, just 2 Windows PC’s (both Windows 10 with all updates applied, both with nVidia (1080ti in one, 2080 super in other))

I have the same issue. It appears disconnecting and reconnecting fixes the issue for an hour or two before it happens again and the news shows as disconnected or a gray box. Been this way for a few weeks now.

Tried turning browser hardware acceleration off and on and still doesn’t work.

Update, I actually had the problem occur on Mac OS X too. Doesn’t occur nearly as often, but it did appear to happen after a few days. :frowning:


I found a way to fix this issue temporarily without having to exit the Desktop App completely.

Click on the “Games” Link at the top of the App, and it will refresh the page showing all of the content once again. :slight_smile:

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Tried, it works once, but the next time it doesn’t work. :frowning: Actually if I switch back and forth a few times, or spam the Games button it eventually refreshes…