New Update - Realids leaking

Hey there, I’ve just installed the new update on ios which included group chats and I’ve noticed a major bug. I was able to see the realid of some of my friends that wrote in one of the group chats I am in despite us not being realid friends.

I tried to investigate further and after closing the app a few times the realid name from one of my friends disappeared, but for that another realid name was shown to me despite the fact that I’m not realid friends with the other person as well and therefore shouldn’t be able to see his real name.

Experiencing the same thing. I can now see the RealID of most of my group members.

Same here. Sometimes i see the names, sometimes i don’t.

Since me and the “doxxed” person live in the EU and the real name is “personal data” this breach should be reported to the right authorities within 72 hours under GDPR rules.