New set to be released soon

like the greedy bastards do every what three months now do is release a new set expecting us to pay eighty dollars each time which I will not be doing, and I hope that ya’ll don’t support this greedy company that doesn’t care about its player base, with that said I am also hoping that ramp druid and its access to twenty mana gets nuked as well, its stupid and whoever created that hero is as well ps fix your games blizzard you fat cows I am sick and tired of getting delayed rewards, I don’t know if your development team was dropped on there heads as babies, but when is there ever a time when a game you made worked as it should have, hearthstone is literally a bacterial infection, wow is just dated and looks like what I ate for dinner at taco bell, overwatch 2 is what happened in my toilet after I ate taco bell, that means all your company has left to offer its player based is a game that will end with your demise diablo four will be an end of a era, and I look forward to it because there’s nothing I want more then your company to end on it, and in case you have other plans don’t bother it will not amount to anything.