New Launcher - please no

There are a few things I do not like such as the friends list being integrated and a bunch of useless information like news on the game being shown. More than disliking it, I just want a way to revert the client. This client gives me a headache when I use it.


it also doesn’t even let you see your actual download speed which is the most important thing in the launcher

Who was the genius who asked for this launcher??

There are so many things to fix in the games alredy and we getting this
… useless Launcher-twitch-cheapcopyversion. with so many useless information, news, tabs of games we don’t play…friend list(who cares).

This is forcing down the throat , AGAIN. like when they did Diablo immortals.(i’ll never forget that day, everyone was disappointed, the only ppl exited , was the 3 guys on the scenario)

This is just running in the background wasting resources, 24/7.

You did it again Blizz.


This new launcher is straight up the League of Legends Client