New launcher looks like crap on 4k

especially the tiles look fuzzy af.
in the old launcher it was kind of forgivable as it was an ancient piece of history but how this (lack of) quality made it to customers is beyond me

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Hey there!

The DPI settings can be altered to adjust to your Desktop/display settings if the Application appears fuzzy or blurry on 4K resolution. To get to these settings:

• With the Desktop App open, right-click the icon in the Windows task bar
• Right-click and click Properties
• Under the Compatibility tab, click “Change high DPI settings

For anyone else wondering what setting needed to be changed on “Change high DPI settings”, what fixed it for me was:

  • High DPI scaling overrride, Scaling performed by: Application

Remember to exit launcher completely from system tray and restart.

The login/splash screen is tiny, but then the main UI is crisp/HiDPI (on a 4K display).


Thank you, this fixed it and now it looks wicked!