New ladder play

Hey! I only play hardcore on ladder.
Yet, do chime in with what you like to do and find when a new ladder season begins…

  • Spend lots of time in norm doing all the quests, gettin’ waypoints, etc.
  • Self-found items with the hopes that I’ll find a few Hsarus, Angelics, and Death’s set pieces.
  • Some of you would be surprised at what Baal can drop in normal. Keep your eyes out for some nice items when levelling while doing Baal runs in norm.

Players often rush through nightmare. I think that is a mistake. Do a Google search for iLvls of nightmare’s areas. Again, you will be surprised at what can be found in nightmare. Stick with nightmare for as long as you can. There are plenty of areas to do some decent magicfinding while levelling. If you do nightmare Baal, go back to nightmare and make lots of cow runs. The rune drops and nice charms are so worth focusing on nightmare cow runs. Don’t kill king as you can use this area for levelling and magicfinding.

Remember to have fun. :popcorn:

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Yep! Nightmare is full of good stuff. I got HoZ in NM Act2. Got Ist in NM Chaos. Though NM cows can be good, I suggest also speed clearing all act5 areas and full Chaos clears. The key is monster density, and though cows are dense, I find their drop rates lacking compared to just about any act5 area. My favorites are any of the cave areas (crystal passage, glacial trail, ancients way) and of course pindle eldritch shenk. Then full worldstone clears, not just throne/baal. and definitely don’t hesitate to pop down to Lower Kurast in Act3 for the super chests. Good stuff!


I also play pretty much exclusively hardcore ladder.

I spent quite a bit of time grinding Chaos Sanctuary and Travincal in nightmare last season. The Chaos Sanctuary in nightmare has quite a dense packing of monsters and they die so quickly, Diablo also dropped me a few vipermagis and several other goodies. I found it quite profitable for mid runes, charms, and uniques.

Looking at area levels is great advice. Most people don’t realize they can level to a pretty high level in hell by doing easier content, just be within about 7 lvls of the area lvl since alvl=mlvl. My frenzy barb ran the countess tower to the low 80s and then at that point he’s ready to go for the pit until the low 90s - easier than things like Chaos Sanc or WSK and profitable.

Finding your own gear is great, it’s not as fun to trade for gear on jsp when you can sell a ravenclaw and sigon set for 15fg and use that to buy a ber. It feels like cheating. Self found hardcore is a very fine way to have fun.

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Someone told me I could have more than 8 characters online so I created 2 more ladder Characters on 2 accounts. This caused a ton of log on problems and I kept getting kicked off. After getting a couple of them up over level 20 and moving items and gold to them, I found I was better off to delete the Extra Characters and keep only 8 on my accounts on East and West. Now I just have the regular problems caused by Blizzard having too few Servers to keep up with gamer traffic.

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