New ideas for fun and cheating out

Suggesting opinions on how to sanction macro users in the game and secure PVP content

  1. Problem: Discord between users due to lack of proper response to macro users and reduced motivation of loyal users, field PVP activities should be enjoyed by users themselves 2. Measures: You can apply for PVP once per person per day. ‘ㅇㅇ’ applies the challenge to the opponent who received the challenge. Are you sure you want to say no?’ A pop-up window appears in a random location (blocking macro functions), and if you do not click for 10 seconds, the two-person arena opens like a single-player dungeon, and then pvp starts. One minute time to set in your own arsenal. The winner will receive 1 battle token and a reward based on the number of tokens per week or season. The challenge applicant can use the entry ticket once a day, and can use it again once. Rejecting by tapping the pop-up window creates a shield, so the challenger disables the challenge for about 1 hour. The one-day pass for challenge applicants is exhausted.

  2. Anticipation: Securing in-game contents through self-purification and compensation of users in the server for macro users. Reduced Blizzard workload growth due to indiscriminate macro reporting. Promote game activation by satisfying the desire to have fun through 1:1 competition between friends. Securing fun elements in the game by creating a composition called Immortal vs Shadow as well as Macro vs. 4. Conclusion: I hope that it will become an immortal that thrives on the fun in the game, the reduction in the workload of Blizzard employees, and the introduction of innovative content. A dream of a user who has been playing steadily since Dia 1 above.

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