New Expansion for D2. Infinite progression via ReMorting


I believe he means one centimeter of width on the experience bar.

Best in Slot.


Ahha! Thanks. I have not been on the Blizzard D2 forums in quite some time, and some of the terminology in unfamiliar to me.

Have you any thoughts on what you would do with your first ReMort character, if my expansion(s) were ever to actually be made?


A little more than 3/8 of an inch.

I just snuck in another run, but this time I did The Cave in Cold Plains and I gained 1/4 inch exp.

The legits have pretty much driven away the pvp community from this forum as they can’t seem to function without cheating and have likely tired of defending their cheating, but they are pretty much the only ones who consistently use 99s, and they do so for the most amount of skill points and life. I can’t see them being interested in the feature.


Well honestly I’m one of those that like the game as it is, all I can really say is that a system like that would introduce a lot of power creep as OShogun previously mentioned. The game would get progressively easier the more you played and remorted.

When I want easy mode, I play Diablo 3. :rofl:


I remember doing a very little PvP back in the early days, and it was kinda fun and all, but the best times I ever had in D2 was when I was able to make character builds that allowed me to help others level up.

The first such character was made after I (finally, eventually) discovered Enchant, and it took a bit of effort to get folks to come out of town, party with my sorc, and let me cast chant on them. In one game in particular, I remember no one would venture outside of town when I was standing just across the bridge, for fear of being PK’ed (in normal act 1 mind you), until I finally got one of the other players to make a brand new character and rejoin the game and party with my sorc. and when he took my tp, I had him open up his character screen, and read off the damage his character was currently doing, and to keep an eye on it when I cast my spell on him… Once he did that, I cast my chant and before I could even ask what damage he was doing, he was like OMG!!!

I then got him to tell how much fire damage he was now able to do, and a couple others wanted to test that out, but there was one other sorc in the game that said that they knew I must be a hacker, cause they knew there was no legit way for me to be able too do what I was claiming.

That went on until I asked them to open up their fire skill tree, and tell me what that skill in the middle of the right hand column was. When he read the skill, he was all like, yea, but this doesn’t do anything worthwhile, and nothing at all like what you are claiming, and I then explained that not only did I have my chant maxed out, but also both synergies, as well.

I also then got some others to come out to play and chanted them up, and once folks realized that this was indeed a legit skill and not a hack, everyone in the game suddenly wanted a chant. :slight_smile:

The other big helping hand I loved giving folks that were below 25th level, was to use one computer to cast the chant on folks, and then use a second computer to play my un partied Freezadin, back in the day before HF got patched and started dealing damage, and thus became useless for my purposes. It was great fun, to run around keeping the monsters in the deep freeze, while my fellow players, dealing massive amounts of fire damage from the chant quickly ripped the enemies to shreds! I miss those days, and wish online could be made bot and hack free, so folks might play like that again.

I mention this in order to establish my creds, as it were, as someone that likes to help others, as opposed to PvP and/or PK type of stuff, and also not just opening a tp and killing the boss kind of rushing.


My single player Enchantress has 33 on Warmth, 32 on Enchant and 32 on Fire Mastery. She is built in such a way that she can clear any and all areas in hell. She doesn’t have any fire skillers, no bk or soj, no spider and obviously no anni, torch or Spirits. My Enchantress’s merc on the previous ladder could solo Uber Mephisto. Next time you make one look at the damage of Fire Wall with 1 point on it, it’s pretty awesome.


That was my bad. I don’t think BiS is actually used by D2 people too often, it’s more of a WoW term, but I think it applies well to Diablo as in “the best piece of gear you can have in a certain slot for your particular build”. Like a Spirit shield on a sorc, you can easily build it on Nightmare and it will stay with you forever.


Monarch doesn’t drop in nightmare. Also, if the sorc was given a Monarch and the player wasn’t an exceptional player, it’d be foolish to sink 154 strength into a nightmare sorc.


I mean the runes for it really. You can at least build the sword on NM and save some runes from when you’re ready for the shield. Stop nitpicking on every single thing I say, you’re annoying as hell.


You literally said the Shield and when I called you on the false information you change you mind to the sword and saving the runes.

You gave false and misleading information. Stop pretending you know what you’re talking about, most of what you know and share is what you’ve read and not based on actual experience playing the game. That’s really annoying and very unethical.


I made a mistake. But I wasn’t even trying to explain sorceress builds. I was just trying to explain what I meant by BiS.

You know very well that I am a casual player and don’t care to learn every single item and detail about the game. I just play and read info as needed.

This is the last time I’ll reply or read any of your posts. I’ve been ignoring you for a while anyway. Take your oh-so-wise knowledge and give it to someone who cares.


Stop pretending and spreading false information. You’re notorious for it. Anyone who knows anything about the game would never make such a blunder about Spirit Shield. Maybe go back to WoW, D1 and D3.

Also, op clearly stated they play single player. We can’t make Spirit rune words on single player.


Actually, with the download of a single txt file, you can indeed make all rune words in single player. Unfortunately though, I have never gotten to fight/kill Uber Diablo, or do the event where you fight all the act bosses versions, as that isn’t possible without third party programs AFAIK.


Oh look, now he’s promoting files that are unauthorized by Blizzard and likely violates Diablo’s Game Licence—promotes cheating. It’s no wonder he wants the game changed.


Uhh, -direct -txt mods aren’t against the game license. :roll_eyes:


Another thing I would put in my Expansions is the ability to play any version of the game, on current computers. I still have the old v1.00 disks, and those will still work with a windows XP operating system, but if I try to play v1.00 on windows 10 computers, I just get an error, and it tells me to update to the latest version.:tired_face:

That ignores the desire to actually play v1.00, which is the whole point of the thing. Now I know that there is a third party program out there that does this already, but I’m wanting that functionality to be done ‘right’ by blizzard, in the form of an additional expansion/upgrade pack, that allows players to play any version of the game, from v1.10 to v1.14d, without having a separate install for each.

Now I know, battle net is not going to host more than one version, and so this would necessitate playing these older versions in single player or TCP/IP games.

How hard would it be, for the developing teams, that as I understand it, are currently working on D2 remastered, to do the small amount of coding that would allow for an official “Version Switcher” to be released as an additional product in the D2 line, say for $10, that would allow folks to try out the old versions, and allow Blizzard to be able to make some additional income on an old game for very little cost?

Any thoughts?


I suggest you actually read the Game License. Specifically section 3. A. I also suggest both you and Op read bullet #9 of the forum’s Code Of Conduct. When you’ve read that, consider the Flagging Feature at my fingertips the next time you both decide to promote violating the Game Licence Agreement on this forum.



Perhaps you should read the EULA a bit more carefully, because obviously you don’t know what you are talking about.

Ask yourself this question: Why would Blizzard allow the command line switch “-direct -txt” if they did not want the end user to utilize the function?

For someone that bashed someone a few posts above for “mis-information” when he admitted it was a mistake, you sure are filling the hypocrite role by doing the same thing, however I don’t see you admitting fault to anything.

Narcissism at its finest.

**I will not be replying to any further comments from you, as you have a long history of aggravating the forums to stir up arguments. Have a nice day.


I gave you the exact section in Diablo II’s “Game Licence” not Bnets EULA. It specifically says you are wrong and this Forum’s Code of Conduct further confirms that. Blizzard has never released Ladder content on single player nor authorized it’s release. It is you that is suffering from serious narcissistic defensive posturing.

Further more, Bnet’s EULA says that we are not in anyway permitted to alter the game, including ways that will give us advantages over other players. Altering single player by adding unauthorized ladder content then joining open bnet does exactly that.


OK here we go, section 3-A:

A. Subject to the Grant of License hereinabove, you may not, in whole or in part, copy, photocopy, reproduce, translate, reverse engineer, derive source code, modify, disassemble, decompile, create derivative works based on the Program, or remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Program without the prior consent, in writing, of Blizzard.

This has to do with the GAME CODE, not utilizing a coded function that is part of the game!

There, I put it in Laymans terms for you to better understand.

Good day.