New Expansion for D2. Infinite progression via ReMorting


High everyone.

I would love to see a new set of expansions made for D2, say four of them, that implement my desired changes. In the first expansion, which I would call ‘D2 2020’, and keeping things as close to LOD as possible so the coding is not to intensive and the look and feel of the game changes very little, I would introduce the ability to restart a character once they had reached level 100. The way I would do this is as follows.

Among the many changes I would want at least all of the following:

  1. "Get rid of the “Grind to 99” and replace the whole dead end character development in the late game with an infinite progression one, where your character goes from level 1-100, and then restarts. As part of this, remove all XP reductions, as slowing down a characters advancement to keep everyone from having 99th level characters is no longer desired, rather infinite progression by restarting over and over again is the new endgame, so folks that purchased this expansion pack (say each of the 4 expansions I have in mind cost $10 ea) would no longer receive an ever diminishing fraction of their experience points starting at level 70.

  2. Have the character keep one or more skills (depending on how often and as how many different classes the character is played as), so that, as you go on and ever onward, your character can have skills from their previous lives/classes. For example, instead of needing a specific rune worded armor (Enigma) to be able to teleport around with a any character other than a sorceress, a player could play as a sorceress and then start over, and keeping the teleport skill at the level they had it when they restarted.

  3. As a character advances past level 100 for the first time, they pick ONE skill of their choice, and retain this as their first ReMort skill. ReMort skills would always be available for use, regardless of the current level/class that the character is playing as. In the example above, for instance, say the player choose to retain the teleport skill from their characters first life when they restarted. If they had just put the one skill point into teleport, the skills use would cost the same as a non-sorc character currently using [Enigma], but on the other hand, if they put additional points into the skill, they would get a teleport ability with a lower mana cost, and so the skill would be better. To be clear, a skill selected to be retained would still have the same mana costs as always, and would remain at the level it was at when the character ReMorted, so a level 1 teleport would be just like an {Enigma} wearing characters teleport in mana coas, but a level 20 teleport would be far cheaper to cast.

  4. I would allow players to pick any of the classes when they restart, so if they wanted to keep playing as a sorceress, they could do that, but if they wanted to start over as a ReMorted Amazon, for instance, this Amazon character, unlike every other level one Amazon in the game, would retain a low mana cost teleport ability, and without needing to invest any skill points or reaching any higher levels to use it. There would be no level requirements, no prerequisites, no class restrictions involved.

  5. The more folks play and restart a particular character, the more classes they can play as, and the more skills they get to retain each time they ReMort. In the first Expansion in my series, I would unlock the ability to play as up to 4 classes, and if you have done that, in order to get the 3 remaining classes, you would have to buy the 3 remaining Expansions. If Blizzard were to make my expansions, I’d like them all to cost $10 each, so equal to the current cost of D2 and LOD today. This means that folks who were interested in trying out this rather remarkable game changing series of expansions, their total cost for the game would be $40 above and beyond the initial and required D2/LOD purchases.

I have a great deal more to say on these matters, but would prefer to talk to someone at Blizzard, as I would like to be hired on a short term, freelance basis as a conceptual game designer. I don’t know coding, so just as a concept guy.

I think that with what I expect to be limited coding/changes to the basic game, these expansions could bring in some serious income to Blizzard, while not costing them an arm and a leg to create, as it were.



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I have to say, although this kind of a reply is not unexpected because of past experiences on blizzard forums with users with really bad manners, I was hoping for better and on topic replies.

My I compliment you on your wonderful and clever choice for a username?


Give it 50 more years and then maybe but until then that will never happen they are going to do nothing with diablo 2 except let it fade away rip d2


Well, that is of course one possibility.

I remember taking three of my computers into best buy and getting them serviced, and telling the guy at the counter that I wanted to get them optimized and cleaned up, for the v1.10 patch , and he told me that the v1.10 patch was a myth, and was never going to happen and that Blizzard was just jerking everybodies chain with useless talk.

My reply was, “Well, actually, as it turns out, v1.10 was just released last week, and that is the reason I’m here now…”

It was great seeing the guys face, and great to meet a fellow D2 player!


Yeah you can. As someone with Aspergers myself, it’s hilarious. The troll joke wasn’t meant to be mean, sort of another form of TL/DR. Sorry :slight_smile:


Fair enough.

Can I however get your thoughts on my ReMorting ideas? Would you yourself enjoy being able to play a character without suffering reduced experience above level 69, and being able to play all the way through to level 100, in about as much time as a current character would take to reach somewhere between 89-90 level?

How about some thoughts on what class you would first play as, and then what class next…?


While some ideas like this would be neat, I don’t think they are realistically possible from a business standpoint. Here are a few things that are working against any sort of major changes or expansions to Diablo 2.

  1. A project like this would cost a lot of money. Software developers typically make a nice salary. When you put a team of them together to develop something like this, the red ink flows. Also think about the continued support afterward for bug stomping.
  2. The game is nearly 20 years old. If you show Diablo 2 to anyone from the younger generation (which also happens to be the most active part of the gaming community), they will likely scoff at the inferior graphics and game play compared to what is available today. That’s not a good incentive for game developers to take on such a project.
  3. Of the existing player base of Diablo 2, I believe the majority of them like the game the way it is. (aside from several bugs that still exist.)

Blizzard exists to provide us entertainment, however they won’t be around very long if they blindly fund new projects that will most likely bring a negative cash flow.


Ok, I get what you are saying, however…

I don’t seem to be seeing how to quote a post here, so I have to cheat a bit to get a point by point response going here, so sorry for doing this reply this way.

While any game change is going to cost money, for any new content, minor changed like what I am proposing would be far easier than making a whole new game, from scratch, and cost far less. Blizzard has a dedicated player base for D2/LOD, but to get any more money from these players, they need to provide something that makes D2 better than it currently is, and my ReMort system will deliver that.

While this is likely true, why not use my ideas in a tried and true system, for very little additional cost and effort, and see if they work, and then they can use that experience to write a ‘new’ game for those that are hopelessly addicted to modern eye-candy.

Frankly, that may or maynot be correct, but then again, how many folks have stopped playing for exactly the reasons I point out, ie, dead end at 99th level, and the whole needless ‘grind to 99’, that takes up for too much valuable playing time, for far to little reward? So another way of saying this is, how many folks, who have quite in disgust at the current endgame in use now, would come flocking back in droves, if my ReMort system were to be developed and implemented.

As a thought experiment, I ask everyone that is reading this to tell me, what is your highest level character right now, and if my system was in place, how would you use it, and what builds would you pursue yourself.

I just took a look at my excel spreadsheet, and it seems that anyone that has put up with the grind to 88th level under the current XP reduced system, should instead have had a 99th level character for the same playing time investment, and anyone that has an 89th level character would have reached my posited level 100, and be well on their way to ReMorting their character.

For those few of our fellow D2 players that have stuck it out and gone all the way to 99, had my system been in place, they could have ReMorted over 30+ times.

So, what is the highest level character everyone else has ever achieved, and what skills would you have selected as your ReMort skills?


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Ah ha!
Thank you much, and now to go edit the above posts! One like is not enough, but all I can give to a single reply, lol.


I’ve 99ed a hc barbarian on single player using /players 8 and I’m in the process of doing it again. This new barb is a self-found, no mod or editor, mace mastery whirlwinder. The other skills I use are leap, leap attack, bash, stun, concentrate, howl, taunt, battle cry, war cry, shout, battle orders, battle command, find potion, find item, grim ward, mace mastery, increased stamina, increased speed, iron skin and natural resistances. I also use the charge skills of life tap and slows missiles on switch.

I’ve never leveled to 99 on bnet because no one is good enough to grind out to 99 with me as a legit player, everyone either bots or leaches off bots to get to 97 or higher, but I don’t. Do to time restraints I can only solo 1 hc character to 97 per ladder season.

I love the hell grind. What players don’t understand is that high level leveling isn’t a mindless grind. It’s also an exploration in crafting, charm and jewel rerolling, and elite magic finding. It’s these things that keep the dopamine flowing.

As for your ideas, it is fun to let creativity flow and the psychological benefits are very well documented. The remaster will not change the core of the game, they are just modernizing the game with new code, just like they did with Sc and War 3. However, the creative ideas that you and I and one or two others like to throw around may well be being read and might inspire the D4 team.


I also have never reached 99th level online, my highest was a 95th level sorc, and when RL interrupted my gaming, I ended up taking a long break for D2, and so no longer have that character. :frowning:

On the plus side, my single player Necro is now 88th level, but I don’t think I’ll be playing him all that much more, as the levels start coming in far to slowly for me to enjoy weeks without leveling up, what with the ability to create and level up several other characters in the same amount of time it would take to get him to 89th.

If you could have my proposed system of ReMorting for your 99th level guy, would you have used it? I don’t play HC, as never being able to replay a character is not a thing for me, just like pvp. Would a HC ReMort be to risky/waste of time?


It only takes me 2 weeks at the start of every new hc ladder to get to clvl 93, and this is with junk gear. It sounds as though you might not understand how to effectively level high level characters.

Once I reached 99, I stopped playing the character and moved on to a new self-found build. I hold very little attachment to characters and gear. I never play my ladder characters after they move to nonladder.


How many gaming hours in those two weeks?

Well, I can admit that that is true!

Ah! I quite playing online after the last ladder reset, or perhaps there have been others since, when I couldn’t get a new mule into my ladder characters games, because they had reset the ladder and not posted an update, lol.


Wow, I really like this new quoting system Blizz has.

Getting to 90 in the first week is almost a full time job—10-16 hours a day. But 90 to 93 isn’t that hard and only takes a about 4 hours a day and one 10 hour day. It’s easy at the start of the ladder because all the good legits are playing public cbaal games, and so jumping into 6-8 player games for 2-4 hours a day makes leveling quick and easy.

Single player is even easier because you can type /players 8 and grind out level 83-85 areas in act 1 and 2 which will level you very quickly. You just got to find those areas your character can crush very quickly.

Because I play mostly ww barbarians, skeletons are my bane, so areas with high levels of them is slow going due to having to use mostly single hit skills. The saving grace is being in their areas when they are surrounded by monsters I can mana leech off giving me the ability to ww them down quickly. I don’t use life or mana potions, and so I don’t use rejuvies to top up mana.

My point is, you just got to know the areas, the monsters and the skills that work best in each situation. I also use all the hot keys and have them all easily accessible at my fingertips without looking for them.


Ah! That explains much. My interest and playing time commitment to D2 currently is probably something like 4-5 hours on average, but per week, not per day. If I read the above correctly, you may be putting in 140+ hours of gameplay time commitment for level 93? If that is the case, then what you are doing in 2 weeks would take me close to 6 months to do, and that is assuming that I would keep playing just the one guy, and focus on leveling up as opposed to hunting the ever elusive SOJ.

Give the guy up thread a like for sharing that.

Getting back on topic for this thread, if my expansions were available, do you think that you would spend the $10 to at least give it a try?


This reminds me a lot of an old, very old korean mmo arpg I used to play called Mu Online, it had infinite resets as well (but it was extremely grindy, made Diablo 2 look like baby difficulty in terms of grind). It was fun considering it was an mmo and you could be a level 400 character that had actually been reborn 3 times and kept your stats and gear in the process, but I fear that in a game like Diablo that would add way too much powercreep. Which I am personally not opposed to in D4 for example, but D2 is kind of a different beast and one of the cooler parts of it is that some times lower level pieces of gear can actually be your BiS since numbers don’t inflate too much.


Between this post and my last one I found time to do 1 pit run with my clvl 87 barb on /players 8. The experience I gained in that one run was a little over 1 cm. I got a Pul, a Hone Sundan and a 3os Artisan Sun Spirt. 5 minutes of work. In an hours work just doing these runs a character can go from 87 - 88. At clvl 94 it is 12 hours work doing the same thing. Thats 2 hours a day 6 days in a row. And so, it’s not whether or not I’ve read anything correctly, but more you are asking to change a game you know little about.

Also, I give likes to comments I like when I read them, not when someone tells me to like something. :smiley:


I have to ask, what is BiS?

Also, what is 1 cm?