New diablo player umm i have couple questions

everyone saying modding D2 is illegal on forum but… are we talking about multi-player / single player custom servers are illegal or are we talking about a different type of modding for D2?

second i have plans on buying D2 next month hopefully but i have a concern … the payment might be an issue if I’m unable to pay using Paypall without a CC as i dont have a personal CC Card >< but i have funds on my Paypall.

and for safety reasons all the store are closed for obvious reasons. not like i can go to a store to buy it. i prefer the digital version tbh

The Game License and the End User License Agreement both say no modding. I’m not sure if PayPal is accepted but a self loading credit card is, but not a prepaid credit card. Try a mock purchase and see if PayPal is accepted.

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well thats . . . unfortunate then D: no custom UI no texture enhancments at all ether? that cause the game is multi-player only right? no single play? was looking thew stuff over at moddb and show it had new classes , HD textures new quests armors and weapons D: and some new ui stuff, perks, slots and statshes that kind of stuff… for DB II , those are illegal ??? , not asking for things for offical server or anything just personal private single play? we are talking about unelss there is no single play and only online play aka multi then yeah modding would be bad but if it single play and multi? why illegal for single play?

the old diablo II one with CD right? if its illegal then of course i wont use them avoiously

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Gambojumbo, I think you need to find a different translator.


Yes you can mod single player just don’t go online if you do

ah so you can have custom games then? just as long as you dont use multi-player thats alright?

it does break the ToS, Blizzard needs to put that in the ToS, pretty much as a formality so that people don’t find holes in the ToS to justify their online cheating, but it’s there. But if you don’t connect to while using them, nothing will happen to you and no one has ever cared. It’s up to you.

Bear in mind those HD resolution mods will not work with the version of Diablo 2 that is provided by the official digital download. You’ll need a retail/cd copy for that.

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oh snap o.o sooo retail /cd copy is different then official digital copy?

Digital copy comes pre-patched with 1.14b (I think). The vast majority of those mods are made to work on older patches.

1.14c I think. It does auto patch as soon as you join bnet.

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that makes sense well… hmmm this is a problem them D: as the old CD copies are beyond my funds -.- i do not want any cd games as cds break. . .

tbh D: i dont even think i can even BUY from Blizzard : (

i tried a moke payment . . . and sure enough… paypall asked for a CC … well looks like im out of luck guys… sigh oh well… ill stick with GOG Diablo 1 as my only Diablo im able to have -.- what a bummer

severely disappointed

Could be. The installer I have here is for 1.14b, but I downloaded it 2 years ago.

Well, Diablo 1 is a fantastic game too. If you never played it before, it’s worth it having a run. The horror/spooky theme of it is unparalleled even by D2, although the gameplay shows it’s age (get used to walking very slowly until you can get teleport).

That’s the one, I think. I would usually do a fresh install twice per ladder, but I can’t remember if mine is b or c. I haven’t installed/played in a few months.

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Yeah, I keep all my installers in my backup HDD so I don’t need to download them again, but D2, along with other old games like Age of Empires II and Starcraft Brood War (cd version, since some of my favorite maps don’t work on remaster) is always installed in my computers anyway since it’s a lightweight game and runs in all my operating systems.

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so Am i out of luck buying the game? cause i tried and paypall wont let me without a CC which i do not own. what can I do?

Maybe try getting a prepaid Visa/Mastercard?

I dont have access to one ether D:

So you don’t live near any major store that sells prepaid cards?