New DH inherit problem

There is a problem with one of the newly added legendary inherits to the game. “The Potboiler (Pants): Knife Trap now places more durable traps that trigger when you take damage.” feature must be created. But this feature does not work in battleground and vault matches.

I have attached the video link explaining the problem. (add the letter h to the beginning)



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I’ve posted this issue on reddit as well, these pants are MEANT to be used in PvP so imagine the great reactions we had when trying them out :neutral_face:

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I’m still waiting for an answer too. The description of the pants does not contain an expression such as in pvp cannot be used.

This is a defect that isn’t going away until it’s actually acknowledged/addressed, Blizzard has been silent on this…

Still no answer. Have you received any feedback regarding this issue?

Nothing :frowning: I don’t want to test it because it renders me almost useless in vault or BGs