New client is horrible

Sucks to break the heart of the intern who conjured up this travesty, but you should’ve just hung a PNG on the blizzard office fridge instead of deploying this wet fart to your millions of customers. What a stinker.


I think it’s OK, not so bad as you say.

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Its worse than he says, this is just the beginning. Before we know it we will have to watch full advertisements before we are allowed to switch tabs or even launch the games.


I love the new interface, it is clean and reminds me Epic Game Store but more organized. I dont think that millions of curstomers hates this interface like you said, of course you are one of them, but hey… take it easy bro

Hi, I don’t like blizzards at all. anticipate asking for money 50e and plus 13e per month. now this classic is looking for a month to 13e again. And he won’t make a war movie, part 2. warcraft 3 won’t part 4? how many peasants! eat !@#$ too smart! blizzard