New Chat Window Notification Stays After Reading + Font

The past couple days, I noticed when I would get a new message, the launcher wasn’t properly marking it as read when I have opened up the message tab. This forces me to manually mark it as read. It had also been acting up and not flashing/showing a new message alert at one point, leading me to miss some messages if I still have the pop-out whisper window open on my taskbar, but minimized.

As a side issue, I feel like the past week or so, the font on the pop-out chat window has been worse. I may be crazy, but I feel as though maybe the font has increased in size, leading it be more grainy. I’m not sure if the launcher is starting to make use of Windows scaling or something. Maybe it’s just bold vs not-bold as in the past?


Messages stuck as being unread until manually cleared, and messages occasionally not triggering the pop-out window, have both been problems for me for awhile now. Pretty sure the patch that hit about a month or so ago caused this; whatever one it was that had a pop-up window for some new feature or another.