New Bugs. Fixes Please


On weapon switch I use a wand (dagger/throw knives) with Life Tap charges. Now, when I save and exit and join a new game the charged skill is no longer on switch. The replaced skill is always the skill that is on the main attack right mouse button at the time of hitting weapon switch.

Once the charged skill is set it works fine throughout the existing game, but it’s frightful whirlwinding into a pack of zombies with a nasty aura while being amped, all because you expected the skill to be Life Tap. This bug relatively new (this ladder season) and was never an issue for as far back as I can remember (10 years).

Also, my act 2 merc (might) frequently disappears. He doesn’t appear on the map either, though you can hear him attacking monsters. It’s the same thing that happens to your character at Shenk when you kill him. Your character disappears while the sky rains hell fire.

Also, in a solo game when you open Lord De Seis seal and approach him, kill some of his minions then go to town via TP then return via the same TP Lord De Seis’ aura will have changed from Fanta to either Might, BA or Conviction.

Could these be fixed please?