New Blizzard App UI

Hello. I was wondering is there is a way to get back to the old version of Blizzard App. Before the new UI update?


Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

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It would possibly make more impact if you gave Blizzard direct feedback through the option to do so in the desktop app itself.

This new layout not only needs to be reverted. It has to buried underground like W3 reforged.


The New UI is absolutely Horrid. Granted Blizz tried to offer some flexibility by allowing customizations. However, the result is much more restrictive, and will drive me away from the game (played since vanilla).

Everything is HUGE and I can’t make most of the frames smaller or customize the size appropriately. It feels like the large icons are tailored for an 8 yr. old or an 88 year old who can’t see. - big and chunky - welcome to WOW Kindergarten.

I use z-perl- (formerly x perl) for raiding. I play healer so need to see everything at once; buffs, debuffs, raid frames, focus frames , boss frames, party frames etc. and absolutely love the configurations and customizations. What Blizzard gave us today, makes the game unplayable in my opinion. People won’t be able to raid effectively. All the boxes are SO huge, how can anyone possibly see anything for the encounter. Goodbye if mechanics are needed, most could not do them before the UI change.

I may try to play this expac, but more than likely will end my subscription.
Blizzard has really taken the fun out of the game and it’s no longer fun; between the toxicity, glass house elitist, and those who want a free ride.

After this post, I’ve added an edit:
When i configure the new layout as best as “live-able” and save it repeatedly… Blizzard somehow can’t persist the change. Each time I swap to a new character- it does not save the layout (yes, I’ve clicked the save button repeatedly) and I have to start all over again.
Really blizzard= Cleary a reflection on the corporate culture: GREEDY and CHEAP beyond belief. It’s insulting to too all customers and even more so as an IT professional. If I was that bad and sloppy in my work- I’d literally be out of a job) . Absolutely Amazing.

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I agree that the maps both mini and the std maps are too large and block a lot of the viewing area and of course the ever-present during battles the error msg panel pops up and always at the moment that the toon needs to move and cannot see where to move. there used to be a way to both reduce the size of maps and to prevent the error msg from popping up all the time. PLEASE allow the size changes of the maps and a way to hide the error msg panel, really, I cannot change the fact that there is an arithmetic error and of course I have no way of knowing what the error is in the first place.