New client blank

Hey there, Ever since the new has rolled out, whenever i launch it, it will always remain on a blank screen, where I can’t click on the launch game buttons. I’ve tried uninstalling and all associated files multiple times, but it still remains the same.

Usually means an adblocker or antivirus is preventing the game announcement pop-ups or news.

Thanks for replying, but I don’t have either of those installed. Anyone have any other solutions?

Windows has a default antivirus, and I don’t think you can remove it. It’s probably what’s blocking it.

Hey, I’ve tried disabling Windows Defender firewall completely, as well as allowing through the Firewall, both did not help in fixing it.

I recommend opening a ticket with your system files, so they can find what’s blocking it. But it’s not a known bug in the client to show a blank screen.

Thanks for the suggestion, ticket sent!