New App is NOT good here's why, hopefully blizzard support will look at this and fix it

Very disappointed in this new version of the application. All I have had is problems since it’s updated to it. Today alone I have counted over 30 times it disconnected and reconnected in less than 1 hour! Not to mention since the new application has launched my connection to WoW is constantly disconnected.

Some might say “oh you probably have a bad internet connection…” No, actually I just had brand new line laid down to my house from the street, a brand new modem installed, tested, everything else works just fine, even games on Steam work great. I’ve tried every single “solution” multiple times by the blizzard support page and nothing has helped. Im now on my fifth re-install of WoW trying to put it on a different drive to see if that helps.

There must be some connection between the launcher and the games it connects to that is causing this issue. I’ve been playing blizzard games a VERY long time. Never had this happen before, and never happened on the old app (which was great by the way), until this new version came along and then all hell broke lose with connectivity issues it seems.

Again I have a very stable connection to the internet, Im not on WiFi either, brand new everything, even had a tech out two days ago to check and see if anything was wrong, they found nothing on my side. The wow error i keep getting is "You have been disconnected from the server (WOW:51900319). Again this never happened until this new version of the app was downloaded… unfortunately i had no choice but to move to it, because well they didn’t give us a choice. :frowning: