New API: Mounts list returns account-wide rather than usable on character

Hello! I am currently working on updating my web site to use the new Profile APIs instead of the old Community APIs. I am running into many issues.

One issue is that the new mounts API appears to return a full list of all mounts account-wide, whereas the previous API would only return mounts usable on that character. Since most in-game achievements are based on mounts usable on a single character, the older API was actually more useful in some situations.

For example:

  • /profile/wow/character/drenden/shoogen/collections/mounts?namespace=profile-us&locale=en_US&access_token=[token]
  • Notice this list contains {“mount”: {“key”: {“href”: “…”},“name”: “Emerald Raptor”,“id”: 27}}, which is a Horde mount, but this is an Alliance character
  • Notice this list contains {“mount”: {“key”: {“href”: “…”},“name”: “Warhorse”,“id”: 41}}, which is a Paladin mount, but this is a Mage

Thank you!

For my own site’s use, I actually prefer this change, but I can understand how it’s not as useful for everyone. It would be nice to have ‘usable by character’ vs. ‘entire collection’ versions of the API. Though even the old API result was not reflective of the number of mounts that contributed towards mount achievements (it was always higher).

Related to this, and perhaps even a workaround in some cases, I would love if the static mount index or mount detail had properties for faction requirement, class requirement, and earned only for single character.