New API: Mount IDs do not match any in-game data

Hello! I am currently working on updating my web site to use the new Profile APIs instead of the old Community APIs. I am running into many issues.

One issue is that the new APIs seem to have assigned new, arbitrary IDs to all the mounts. The IDs do not seem to match anything in-game or on external sites like wowhead. This makes it very hard to use data returned by your APIs. For example, if I want to provide my users with a wowhead link to the mount, or if I want to cross-reference information on how to obtain each mount, etc.

Trying to map IDs using the name doesn’t work very well either, since many mounts have duplicate names, typically with a version for Alliance vs. Horde.

I have been initially researching mounts, but at a quick glance it appears the same problem happens for pets and titles.

For example:

  • /profile/wow/character/drenden/shoogen/collections/mounts?namespace=profile-us&locale=en_US&access_token=[token]
  • { “mount”: { “key”: { “href”: “…” }, “name”: “Brown Horse”, “id”: 6 }}
  • The ID 6 does not match anything I can find for the mount “Brown Horse”. Wowhead shows either spell=458 or item=5656 as possible IDs for this mount.
  • If I then use /data/wow/mount/6?namespace=static-us&locale=en_US&access_token=[token] I do not see any additional useful information listed here

It would be nice if either a) The IDs used by mounts matched their in-game ID, such as spell=458 or b) If the Game Data API could return the spellId and itemId as additional information

Thank you for any help you can provide!

The mount ID for that horse you quote actually isn’t new or arbitrary, but I think it’s the first time they’ve included it in the API. It actually makes more sense to use these official mount IDs (since they’re permanent) rather than a spell ID (which could technically change, even if that doesn’t happen often). But it would be handy if the spell ID continued to be included in the API data.

You can connect mount IDs to spell IDs via the mount.db2 game database, though of course you’d have to do that manually every time new mounts were added (which is what I do). To view the database Marlamin has the latest version viewable and downloadable on his very handy “wow . tools” site, under database -> browse -> mount. The IDs are in the fourth column.

Sorry, I’d provide a direct link but I still can’t because the forum runners treat the new forums like a ridiculous game and I haven’t jumped through enough hoops to earn that privilege yet (“must have read 20,000 posts” … “and given 30 likes” … are they designing this for children?).


Thank you for the tip! This will be a huge help in getting my existing data mapped to the new APIs.

As you mention, it would still be great if Blizzard continued to include spell ID somewhere in the API, so that we don’t have to manually map the data every time a patch comes out. But at least this gives me something to work with. Thank you again!

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