New 4 player co-ops

in the past i have dismissed call of duty as a kids game where you run in from spawn and a spawn camper kills you, run in, die. dont run in die, some camping sniper somewhere always has a headshot on you from somewhere, you cant get around it. Therefore you dont get time to enjoy the gameplay and team work like in Arma 2 and 3. But in this latest version of modern warfare 2 it has been reworked and redone and i must say i took a chance on it and bought the game
and played it, mostly in co-op and single player as multi player is boring. 4 player co-ops have been really well done and made very challenging. You either have a good team or a bad one and it determines your play. So what im asking for is in the next patch to have a greater amount of 4 player team co-ops to do as well as what is already there as they are all fun and challenging, just need more of them to do as it gives more challenge and more enemies to kill instead of dying every 2-3 mins in multi , Well done call of duty team on the co-op part this time around.

and what about a Modern Warfare Australian SAS pack :sunglasses: