Nerfs same ol thing

this word has become monotonous and all to common with games in blizzard .with that being said it was beta .again here so you can see this IT WAS BETA!!!. so i read the patch notes which i use to not give a fl…f… about tell 2 years ago when it started getting worse. noticed you nerfed another of my melee classes in another game blizzard why?and proceed to buff rogues .AGAIN ind4 this isn’t new you did the same thing in nerfed my plate wearing class and gave it all to that leather wearing garbage rogue and then turn around and do it again in D4.that has got to stop.i rember specifically asking during your stream for D4 to not mess up a game we have been waiting for forever now and this is one of the first things you did to make what better?. i ask that you not turn diablo into wow and the things you are doing are leading to that same system so umm ill ask again.PLEASE DONT SCREW D4 UP like all the other ones you put out for god sake please do better on this one from all of us who have played your games for years.