Nerf Blood knight

I don’t understand how it’s possible to let a class use damage and cc abilities while remaining invulnerable for 10+ seconds, especially when the skill description for Sanguinate doesn’t even mention any sort of protection. There’s no way to defend against it.

If your idea of “balance” was to make the game unplayable for all other classes, good job.


So let’s simplify all the classes then. Especially the demon hunter, and the nicromancer who has endless rebirth

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yeah, better not have any classes that are slighly different rest

I agree that there is a huge need to nerf the bloodknight and it should be obvious for all of us, there is no other class with near the pvp performance like the bloodknight. This needs a better balancing.

Necro like cat ( 9 life ), not need brain for blood knight. Wizard create damage in cc. , crusader is cc mech now. 2883993 second cc. Demon hunter is trash class because only 5 skill useful and alternative skills useless. %90 new items coming but useless again

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I’m assuming you guys who are advocating nerfing the Blood Knight finally came up against a class that you can’t easily overpower, so now you’re hurt, miffed, and bewildered. Too bad. Now you know how others feel about whatever class you’re using (let me guess: monk, barb, necro, or wiz).

This last patch, the only class to receive a nerf was BK. Enough is enough with all the whining. If anything, BK needs to become even tankier, like the ability to immobilize like the wiz, or to cheat death like monks and barbs, or an even larger AoE like necros and crusaders. That’ll even things out a little bit better.

PS: Please reduce the cooldowns for BK skills as well, especially bats and siphon blood. Thank you.

There’s a difference between having varied abilities and having gamebreaking abilities. :roll_eyes:

Balance means that every skill should have another skill that can counteract it, so please tell me how do I counteract something that makes you invulnerable, increases move speed, lets you stun and does damage at the same time. :melting_face:

Enlighten us. :sunglasses:

nice try, troll

indeed, flat dmg increase for all skills, increased animation speeds, increased buff durations, reduced cooldowns… so much nerf :rofl:

Wuffer: I don’t know what your build is, but maybe work on that? There are plenty of players across all of the classes that can readiy handle a BK. I’ve seen it in BG and other PVP events. Maybe your particular build is simply underpowered.

Deezha: You’ve never played a substantial amount of time (if any) as a BK because obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about. As I’ve suggested to others, go work on your own build and maybe you’ll defeat something someday. Troll.

None of this thread is about bugs, so it doesn’t belong here on the Bug Report forum…

Please provide suggestions or feedback on the Diablo Immortal Sub-Reddit (only in English).

Blizzard Customer Support cannot accept suggestions or feedback.

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You’ve given great examples there, thank you. :clap:

Of course, I’ve also seen 9k+ reso whales handle BKs no matter their class. :rofl:

To appease Meteor here:
“Liquefy into a bloody form for x seconds, increasing your movement speed by 50%. Activate again to coagulate your being and rush forward, dealing y damage to enemies you pass through.”
There. There is no mention of invulnerability, or that they can use other abilities without limitations, thus this whole issue classifies as a bug.

Shoulder essence…

  • Solemn Snare: Swarm of Bats now shrouds you in a fog of blood mist, increasing your Movement Speed and making you untargetable while also dealing damage to nearby enemies.

If you can’t be targetted, you can’t be hit.
This effectively makes you invulnerable for the duration of the ability.

I know of that, but that’s not what I mean. Plus, if you perform ANY action except moving during Solemn snare’s SoB, the effect ends, which is a bit weird itself, but whatever.

It’s base Sanguinate that is the issue.

Considering the equipment i use as blood knight, when using the siphon blood skill with cousin to wildcats, along with the blood swarm ability upgrade legendary gear, causes damage, healing, and stun from siphon blood, which is now not a channeling skill, and damage from the swarm of bats skill, which now looks similar to cloud of bats and heals you for a percentage of the damage caused to enemies, increases your movement speed by 50 percent, and make you unable to be targeted. In addition, i use a chest armor that increases the bat damage by 10 percent, and a offhand item that slows and stuns the enemies at the expiration of siphon blood.

@wuffer do research before complaining and you might actually learn something useful.

I have no idea why you bring up something nobody mentioned here. :roll_eyes:
I check the gear on every BK who does what I’m complaining about, never have I seen them use CtW.

Most of the time it’s Saguinate+Wave of Blood+Skewer+Siphon blood,
main essence effects from Horns of the Hexed, Castellatia, The Besalver and Pinch point.

Don’t worry, I’ve done my homework before posting. :hugs:

There’s [ALWAYS] that one class that get to be god-tier for a little bit in each exp - let me have fun before they become unplayable lol.