Negative orbs after purchases refunded (can't equip weapons)

Hi, I requested a refund a couple of days ago for some orbs I purchased and I received a refund for a few of the currency packages. So, thank you!

But, since then, I have been unable to equip any items and even after removing my existing armor, I can no longer re-equip it. This is the message I receive regardless of what I try to equip: “Eternal Orbs cannot be salvaged or destroyed". Others who have received similar refunds are experiencing the same issue. I just want to use my equipment, please. Please take a look at this forum post as well just to know that this is a more widespread issue: Cannot Salvage/Destroy Items [Game Breaking Bug]

Also stuck.

Plains Of Despair
name: Stiah

I have the same issue

-1000/10 game -1000/10 customer support blizzard is actually a joke at this point

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