Need help with missing currency, Blizzard CS blows me off

This happened in Warcraft Rumble.

I experienced a bug that happened on 2 packs where I would purchase it in the shop and the game would crash. I would get the gold but no other items. Contacting support said to wait 72 hours which is silly since the packs were on a 48 hour timer. So I went through google to get a refund for missing product since everyone seemed to have this problem. The first pack I refunded was the Blackrock Vault! (2000 Coins) which was approved by google on Sunday 11-05-23. It was fast enough that I was able to repurchase it and this time it didn’t crash and I got everything. So I tried to do it with the other pack that was an issue the Ashenvale Cache (1500 Coins). That was approved this morning on 11-06-23. When I logged after seeing it approved I seemed to be missing both of them (3500 Coins). I double checked and only Ashenvale Cache was refunded so I still have paid for the Blackrock Vault. I am now out an additional 2000 coins and on top of it all, I cant even rebuy them because they were on a time limit.

If I refund the Blackrock Vault again right now it ill knock me down an additional 2000 coins (-5500) which makes no sense since the only 2 packs I refunded total 3500 coins!

Customer service is now blowing me off after 4 tickets and I’ve tried to post this 5 times on the official Rumble forums only for it to get 404ed after I refresh the page and nothing is there on the latest page.

I love this game and want to continue playing but this is a huge deterrent and I’m ready to just go to the bank and reverse charge everything I’ve spent on this game.

I really really need some help here. What do I do from here?

Well, there are 3 posts by you on the Warcraft Rumble Bug Report forum… all within 15 minutes; you can find them here:

Spamming the Bug Report forum like that is not a good idea… you should avoid doing that.

Spamming the ticket system is a very bad idea – one ticket is sufficient.

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Had exactly same issue with same pack
Blackrock mountain bonus for 13.49
2000 coins which been delivered and than taken away after advice from GM to request refund via Googleplay but after i have been chargeback 2800 gold for item that didnt work!
My rend hero should receive 2lvl boost after promoting to rare card but only promoted once. Blizzard robbing us out of ur money for items they dont delivered this is what happen when great company is being bought by Microsoft and they dont care for their devoted gamers discusted by the way i have been treated fot last 7 days with ticketing system no support no symphaty just exciuses they working on fix! Maybe if you actually work on fix you give ys our gold back because HEY this is toue fault axtually game is broken not us! So dont punish people who actually keep you emploeyed?! And buy your games?