Need help with getting into account

So basically, I got an email saying that shadowlands is free so I decided to come back to wow after a long break. Once I downloaded wow and tried to log in I got a prompt asking me to enter an authenticator code. Turns out I dont even have the authenticator app on my phone, so I downloaded it and it asked me the same thing when I tried to log into the authenticator. I saw that you can get a code through SMS tho so I selected that but it turns out that the phone number that is bound to my account is my old phone number and I can’t change it since it is asking my for an authenticator code. So basically I am locked out of my account if I log out on accident.

Can somebody help me out with this ?

Not via the forums they can’t.

You will need to put in a ticket to CS to:

  • Verify you are the account holder
  • Have them remove the old Authenticator
  • Have them change your phone number to the new one
  • Have them change your email to your current if that is not already done.

To do this will require Govt issued ID.

You can get started on a ticket here Contact Support - Blizzard Support

Use the options under Account, can’t log in, etc. When it asks for SMS or Auth proceed to options for submitting ID.

I have the same problem…except my authenticator was destroyed or stolen when my ex stabbed me…and my pc remained always logged in for a few years so no need…my old pc died and I got a new one and now cannot access my main account…and blizzard wouldn’t let me put in a ticket…kept sending me to the same screen…I finally got a ticket in…but there is no online support that i was able to reach or contact…period. it kept sending me to do it myself. I have owned every diablo sc and wow release since diablo 1…easily spent 1k$+ on my main account…and not being able to contact anyone to retrieve is very frustrating.

What do you mean “it asks you to do it yourself”. You should be able to use the can’t log in options to get to the submit an ID screen. Once there, you can submit the ID to get assistance. They handle most of it via ticket and wait times are crazy right now around 3-4 days. You will know a ticket went in if you get a ticket number. If you have to, you can submit a ticket on this account for your main.

If you can’t get a ticket in, I strongly suggest using the Customer Support forum for WoW. That is an Information desk where, during work hours, you can usually get a Blizzard reply. There are also a ton of people who know the support system and can help walk you through the ticket system options. There are no GMs there, but if they can help you get ticket in then that is a step in the right direction.