Need Forum Ignore Feature

There is currently no “ignore” feature on the forums. I can mute somebody’s notifications and “hide” their replies at best, but even then, I can just click on the replies to open them, and their quotes aren’t hidden when posted by other players. Even then, I have to engage in the forums to reach a certain post criteria to unlock the ignore feature. Until I do that, all I can do is mute their notifications. And even THEN I can’t do any of this if their profile is hidden, because the button that allows me to use the mute feature doesn’t even load on hidden profile pages.

Now, I’m really not so much as mad at someone literally following me around and harassing me in every post I reply on, as I am beyond irritated and extremely confused that in spite of me flagging and submitting a ticket, absolutely nothing was done.

If users were able to put posters on their own “does not exist” like they can in game, there would probably be a lot less confrontation between people that are forced each others’ posts while they’re in the forums. This would save time and resources by reducing the need/work for moderators, prevent countless sour experiences on account of nothing being done about troublesome users, and potentially keep users from getting themselves into trouble by lashing back at people that pissed them off. Why is it designed with such scarcity?

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Yes, you must participate in the forums and elevate your trust level to gain access to the Ignore feature. It does not take much.

You are incorrect. To add someone to your Ignore list go to your own Profile > Settings > Users and under the Ignore section click Add. To add based on Battletag the format is [name-numbers]. For WoW forums it is charname-server.

It will cause that user’s posts to be greyed out.

If you want to make them totally vanish you need custom scripts written in an script blocker for your browser.

Unless they are breaking the forum rules, posting in the threads you are involved in does not cause action on their account. If they are insulting you, name calling, using profanity, etc - then flag them. Try to save your flags for the posts that REALLY break the rules though because you only get 5 or so flags a day.

You might also consider hiding your own post activity so that someone who enjoys debating with you has a harder time finding your posts to comment.