Necromancer skill bug

cursed properties detested condition (use a control skill)
but necromancer skill (command golem and skeletal mage) Doesn’t activate when using skill
clearly marked as controlled


Same problem here. No necro control tag skill triggers detested (with or without enemies).
Edit: I did some tests. Detested works with bone spikes (control + loss of control) and not with Golem, Bone Wall, Mages. In patch notes they say:

Detested: Previously, this Property could only be triggered by Skills marked with the Control tag. We have now expanded the trigger condition to include additional loss of control effects.

Well if detested will not work anymore with control skills that has not loss of control, this will leave people that reforged items to use detested in trouble.

Same problem here, patch was supposed to enable more triggers not fewer, hope they correct this asap.

Ranger, well if you read twice what they wrote, it seems that this penalty is intended by design. The problems here are:

  1. Change a feature that was activated differently since a month ago without taking into account that many players have used lot of purifying shards (if not all) testing every property, than again reforging items to get a “detested set”, and now should start again from scratch. :hot_face:
  2. Do not update positive property ingame description to highlight that big change. :cold_face:

Do you think they will fix this? Detested not working on my necro anymore either

I have just made a post about this.the same thing is happening with my necro,it even doesn’t work with bone pillar,mage, , golem,bone spikes.
I took off all my gear and I put on the 2 piece and it worked but when I put on all 4 pieces it didn’t.

Witam mam ten sam problem nie chodzi mi znienawidzenie + do tego odzialowe moce nie chodzą ( super , jak tam robią niech teraz oddają pieniążki które włożyłem w postać

For the character “Necromancer” the summon skill ability is always stuck in the corner of the raft, cannot be used according to the specified place in the “Kikuras Rapids” dungeon

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