Necromancer earn less experience?

I’m not sure if this topic goes here but my first character is a necromancer now I’m paragon 132 in H3. I thought the experience i earn is less at lvl 100 but my demon hunter is lvl 103 in H2 and earn a lot more experience.
I wanna know if this is normal or I’m with this problem for like a month, plz help.

hey friend I play the game and I’m paragon 148, the way Xp works i think is they take the server xp in consideration , if you xp is higher than the server xp then you xp gain is reduced by a %. I always in 20% or 30% xp gain due I’m 10 to 11 paragon points above the server . I hope this help to understand. Also low level players with xp lower than the xp server they get more %.
clic the xp box and you see how much you get also you see it if and arrow up or down in the icon

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