Necro bug with new patch

This morning I cannot transfer essence from Necro shield. A crusader shield has appeared that disables all access to transfer shield essence from/to. Please correct this bug ASAP


I myself experienced a similar issue but with Necro shields only, no crusader shield showing up.

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Glad I am not alone. It is really annoying since I cannot upgrade my shield if the essence is not the one I want…

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у меня такая же проблема

i have the same Problem and can not change my shield by the necromancer

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I have same exact issue

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A couple of my ppl in my clan are reporting the same shield-problem on their necros

Getting the same here makes the game pretty much unplayable depending on what shield you got stuck with or the glitches that come with said shield. Feel sorry for anyone that paid a dime for this game. The lack of response on this issue is disgusting to say the least.

Me too! I’ve the same issue

There is no response on here, but I did see a post on Twitter saying they were aware of it and the QA team had replicated the bug. Normally a step in fixing it.

I now have the shield bug fixed but have lost all my rank on my secondary gear set items. They were all at 4 but they are now at Nil since the shield bug got corrected. Blizzard: 2 letters. QA!

After latest update my character initially had the Necro Shield bug where essences could not be inherited/extracted. That issue has been corrected but I have lost all upgrades on my set items. They were previously at level 4. Now they show no upgrade level.

I have lost all rank progress on my set secondary gear. Rings show properly at rank 4, but the set items progress is lost. They were previously at level 4. Now they show no upgrade level. This is a BUG